My artwork occurs at the intersection of human society and the animal world, where I strive to find the new forms of beauty that arise out of the constantly shifting equalibria between the two spheres. By co-opting the visual language and motifs of industrialized society and re-expressing them through and within simpler traditional representations of animals, primarily those of birds and horses, I create images that re-see nature and the natural world in places where it has become nearly invisible.

In a broader comment on adaptation and co-existence, I integrate deliberately artificial patterning or linework, as well as technical and alpha-numeric symbols, with the stencilized images of birds and animals. It's an acknowledgment of nature's ability to survive and sometimes thrive even as we humans continue to transfigure the real world with the patterns of industrialization--something demonstrated in such commonplace instance as the bird that builds a nest high on a skyscraper ledge.

The images I create become, for me, a framework to celebrate animals and the natural world they represent, asking the viewer to once again see the creatures represented as living individuals, rather than as the generic concepts of horse or bird communicated by the disembodied graphic imagery typically used to describe animals. That is, I seek to re-nature that which has been de-natured.